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Only original goods are origin guarantee.
An original product is synonymous of quality, constant research, employment of innovative technologies and respect of intellectual property rights. The BasicNet Group invests huge resources to protect and increase the value of its trademarks and an irregular use means without doubt a loss of quality for the consumer and a loss of value for the shareholder. We ask to help us, becoming active protagonist of our project. Contribute to hinder the presence in our markets of counterfeit goods.

Report anomalies or violations of the BasicNet intellectual property rights and gain wonderful discount.



You can report infringement or doubts about the authenticity of products seen or purchased by you. Thanks to the simple and intuitive form your report will demand only a few minutes.
To thank your engagement and your interest, BasicNet has allowed for you the exclusive BasicCard that assign you privilege for the on-line purchase on www.thegigastore.com for the "Spaccio", for the "Gigastore" and for our one brand shops.
For having more information on our shops click here.

In order to take part to the HUNT THE FAKE project and to have straight to the BasicCard and its privileges it is necessary to record yourself, as the card is nominative and closely personal. BasicNet can process your report without your personal information, however it's not possible to award you any privileges or BasicCard.
(Please note that we can concede you a BasicCard only against a complete and true report).

You will receive a confirmation mail and after our check about the truthfulness of your information we will send you a communication with the activation code and modality to use your BasicCard.
Please be assured that we treat all information you provide in the strict confidence.

In the next page you find a simple form. You can fill them with the following information that you have: data on the subject that you presume are completing the violation, the brand and the involved product, the place in which you have been seen/purchased the item. In order to provide us with more details you can enclose file or images.

Please insert more information is possible, they will be very important elements to process your report.